Flare ISOLATE® MiNi Earplugs with 3 pairs of tips

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Introducing the world’s most revolutionary ear protectors…In miniature form!

Made from solid aluminium or titanium, ISOLATE® MiNi protects you by using a dense material to block, rather than absorb sound, switching off your ears. Don’t worry – you can still hear all the detail through natural bone conduction… Just much, much quieter.

ISOLATE® MiNi is 33% smaller and 100% as efficient as the standard ISOLATE® model. This makes it perfect for extended periods of use and for those who suffer from sensitive hearing.

Revolutionary MiNi ear protectors that use solid aluminium or titanium to block noise like never before.
  • Protect your ears against permanent hearing damage - LONG LIVE EARS®.
  • Isolate® MiNi is not like any other ear protector; it blocks direct sound from entering your ears including bass frequencies without any batteries or annoying re-charging.
  • Revolutionary Ear Protection for Music, Travelling, Motorcycling, Motorsport.
  • Isolate® MiNi reduces noise levels but still allows you to hear details in sound through bone conduction.
  • Stem diameter - 2.5mm  |  Body diameter - 7mm
  • Weight - 1.43g
  • Made in England and CE certified to BS EN 352-2-2002 - SNR35
  • Included with every set of Isolate® MiNi Ear Protectors: Mesh carry pouch. Replaceable Earfoams®: 3 Pairs in 3 sizes