Sleeep® Earplugs
Sleeep® Earplugs
Sleeep® Earplugs
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Sleeep® Earplugs

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Introducing Sleeep®. A truly tiny earplug designed especially for long and uninterrupted nights sleep. 

Using Flare’s Noise Blocking technology, sound is reduced by the change in density of materials between the memory-foam tip, the solid aluminium core and then back through the memory-foam tip. In addition, dual-tips allow you to put a larger size on the outside (like a pillow) to act as a large cushion on the ear.

It’s slimmer core and more ergonomic shape means it's much easier to fit and remove for the smallest ear canals. The metal core has been rounded to aid fitment and offers a more discreet fit.

Each pair of Sleeep® comes with three sets of memory-foam Earfoams® (extra small, small and medium).

Also included is a Flare® mesh carry pouch to store your earplugs and extra tips.


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It literally blocks 95% of the annoying snoring sound

ve been suffering from a slight anxiety cuz I would get really furious if I am awakened by my partner's crazy snoring and couldn't fall asleep again. Previously using a random noise blocking earplug with a sound filter but that filter falls out very easily so I end up buying the second pair. It fell out from my ear quite easily and I ended up in losing one of them. Eventually, Sleeep popped up in my IG ad and I decided to give it a go, it's very pricey (!) but I would say it's so much worth it as it blocks virtually all sound, with a smaller size despite the slightly uncomfy feel becuz of the metal plate, and thank god I can have a good sleep again. This review originally appeared on

The best earplugs for me

Which earplugs work best is a very individual thing. I suppose it depends on the size and shape of your particular ear canals, and what you use your earplugs for. I have tried the Isolate (too big) and Isolate mini (fits well with the small ear foam- but, as I use them for sleeping, the length of them meant that my ear canals became sore after a few days because I tend to sleep on my side.) Next I tried Snoozers- again too long though the softer outside end was very slightly better. The firmer memory foam tips with the Snoozers I also found didn't seal properly in my ear canals, and actually kept popping out in the night. But the Sleeep earplugs are a great length- mostly contained within my ear canal so no rubbing/moving against the pillow. However this shorter length does make getting them in the right position slightly more tricky, but once there it's great. I also find again that I get the best seal with the small (softer) isolate mini ear foams (which fit fine on these and the Snoozers.) For me, it was worth perservering as I find that these are the best earplugs for blocking out snoring- once you have the right size and a good seal I think they are the best (and I've tried many others!!)

Dims out noise to a certain extent

The product isn’t too bad. I’ve brought these ideal because of having our kitchen done and I’ve been working nights. It does dim out sound up to a certain extent but it does say something on the back of the packaging about filtering noises. They fit comfortably with different sizes to suit you. I’ve slept on my side and still felt sort of comfortable with them in. This review originally appeared on

Give them a chance.

I like these. My husband snores and I am a light sleeper. These take some time to get used to inserting them as they are not like normal earplugs, but once you get the hang of it, they are great. I haven’t slept this well since I was single! This review originally appeared on